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Tools For Success

Here at Nora's Gold we believe in utilizing tools to help you succeed. All of our products are endorsed by Bob Proctor.


    "Gratitude makes sense of your past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow" - Melody Beattie

    Gratitude journaling should be done every morning. There is nothing more effective at putting yourself in a good vibration than expressing gratitude, and when you're in a good vibration, good things tend to happen. You will be amazed at how much you can accomplish and how much abundance comes your way just by setting your day up in the right mindset. 

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    Affirmations are such an important tool to add in your daily routine. Most successful people practice affirmations every day. They KNOW they can achieve great things. They talk about their success in the present tense.

    The affirmation mugs are so great because it reminds us every morning to sit down quietly and focus on our goal. Think about it and feel it as if it were real and true today. "I am so happy and grateful now that _______." Fill in the blank with your goal written in the PRESENT tense. Every morning visualize what your life looks like with this truth. These daily thoughts will help keep you on track to take action towards what it is that you really want, and ultimately manifest it into reality.

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   As Bob Proctor says,
"There are only two ways to change a paradigm

One way to change a paradigm is to experience an emotional impact that hits you so hard that your life is never the same. It’s usually a negative or troubling event, such as a death, an act of violence, or a natural disaster, but it can also be positive.

Since significant emotional impacts are unpredictable, I strongly recommend using repetition, the second way to change a paradigm. Repetition is exposing yourself to a new idea over and over again.

The point of repetition is not to memorize information, but rather to impress the idea or image into your subconscious or emotional mind enough times that it replaces the old idea or paradigm that resides there." Read the full article here.


Using repetition is a discipline that is required in order to make the paradigm changes you want. A great tool for utilizing repetition is the Book Holder. To read the same idea in a book over and over until the idea is embedded into your subconscious. Keep the book holder in a place where you will read it often and think about it often.

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